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Together with VW Motorsport and VW Belgium, WRT has developed the 3 rd generation of the VW Fun Cup, a real race car…for everybody. Key member of the initial concept 20 years ago, René Verbist is now much more established in the motorsport industry. He focused the energies on reliability and efficiency but kept the early philosophy: Fun for all at affordable price.

With more than 350 Fun Cup cars sold in the past 2 decades, the 3rd Generation of car turns towards the next challenges of motorsport: a light and efficient engine like in F1 or WRC. The Fun Cup is developed to be driven by all  from new comers to pro drivers. It is the best way to discover motorsport and to share it with friends and partners. All the Fun Cup cars are the same: a tubular bodywork with a light VW Motorsport engine and the look of the famous VW Beetle! Most importantly, the regulations are designed to ensure that close racing is always inevitable.

The jewel in the crown of the European VW Championship is the Spa 25 Heures. This race sees at least 120 identical cars fighting it out in the world’s longest endurance race